Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Goa: Baga to Penjim to Old Goa to Palolem: (28th July-05th Aug 2011)

"To dare is to lose ones footing momentarily, to not dare is to lose ones self"

Baga Beach in Goa is a welcome change from the rush of Mumbai; its cheap, layed back has hot great food and has great tropical beaches, however its the rainy season which means its hot, humid and rains all day. So the best thing to do is chill in the Lime Bar watching England destroy India in the 2nd test. Stewart Broad has just took a hat rick of wickets and scored 60 odd runs to put us in pole position. The Indians love their cricket. We are staying in the Travelers Inn for 550 a night which is about 6 pound. Great.
The first day I was walking across the beach, the waves pounding the beach like a storm and I noticed a crowd of Indians. As I approached them I found out why they were congregating there, a poisonous Cobra Sea Snake trying to get into the water against the surf, it was amazing to see.

We traveled to Penjim, a small Portuguese colonial town that has lots of Catholic churches dotted around it. Here during coffee we met a German Couple called Leo and Lina. We had pizza with them and decided to go to Old Goa to see the famous relics of SFX. Old Goa was the capital back in the 16th century, until plague forced everyone to abandon the town and move further west to Penjim. We became good friends and so decided to travel with them to South Goa to Palolem beach.

Relaxing in Penjim

The south east monsoom hits the coast and release its rain with power gathered out from the Arabian Sea, which means it rains so hard all day and all night. However it has one of best beaches I have ever seen. Its a horse shoe shaped tropical beach and its great to just sit back and watch the big waves crash into the beach over a cold Kingfisher. There is not much to do here, its so layed back as it is out of season but is very cheap. We have become good friends with Leo and Lina and have went out together for drinks and tea a sharing stories from our home towns. On Monday I asked the chef of a restaurant we were eating at to pick me and Leo up a fresh shark from the fish market. On the Tuesday he brought to the table a big shark, we ate the shark char grilled with spices and its was lovely, one of the best I have had. We met that night another german brother and sister from munich. He is a staunch Bayern Munich fan and he wants to see a Bayern champions league match and visit Anfield to hear 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.  I have also been learing some german....well how to order a beer.

"Ich Mochte Ein Bier"

We go to Hapi tomorrow (Friday 5th July) this was once a mighty Hindu empire now lying in ruins amid an enigmatic boulder strewn landscape is one of the wonders of India.

Baga Beach

Me, Laura, Leo and Lina outside our Tuck-Tuck

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