Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Varkala and Kovalam Beaches to Trivandrum and Mumbai. Good Bye India

The south of India has some of the most beautiful beaches in India and with that in mind we decided to spend our last two weeks sitting on them, before heading to Trivandrum to pick up our internal flight back to Mumbai before heading to Asia for 6 months.

Varkala Beach
We stayed in Varkala form Tuesday 16th-Monday 22nd August. This is a little more of a tourist destination than what we had been used to, but, it is simply a little piece of Paradise we couldn't resist. The beach cliffs are simply stunning and its great to just sit back and watch the monsoon waves crash into the cliffs. We spent most of our time on a small secluded beach, lazily dreaming the days away in the sun, then finishing the week with a traditional massage the Ayurvedic way.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
Oscar Wilde

Me and the Hammer Head shark-It was so heavy I needed a little help

We stayed in Kovalam 22nd to 26th August. We chilled on beaches and opened our minds to Yoga & meditation for the first time, almost breaking my neck doing a head stand and viewed the beach from the lighthouse
My first head stand
The view is stunning even if I am a little scared og heights
We travelled to Trivandrum, the main city in the south and a common place for travellers to muse around whilst in transit. Its a big, big city, similar to Mumbai, but not as intense. We spent one night there watching, you would'nt believe it,  Rocky 4 (what a film, pure cheese and bad acting but a quality mix, best line; 'if he beats me he is going to have to kill me') and my first Liverpool game of the season, beating Bolton. Great unexpected night.

We arrived in Mumbai on 28th August not particularly looking foreword to another nights stay in this city. However, it turned out to be an amazing experience. Our flight out to Bangkok was 9am the next day so we decided to 'Couch Surf' to save money. Its basically a network of people who you contact using a website similar to Facebook and stay at their place free of charge. Its great because you get a true experience of their culture. We stayed with a guy called Mikhil in the Bandra district, were many Bollywood actors hang out. The only problem was he's a Man U fan. He took us out into the town and we tried all the local street food, which was spicy and very tasty and he showed us around the area. What a great way to end our trip of India.

You dont normally see me eating with a Man u fan-Me and Laura with Mikhil

Next chapter......Laos.

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